The garbage disposal units are a need of now not only every home but by law are essential for the restaurant and hotel business too. These commercial businesses come across piles of food waste that needs to be efficiently taken care of. No other way is viable instead of using a quality grade Commercial Food waste disposal system. The commercial nature of these food waste disposal systems allows the business to take care of these huge piles in mere minutes efficiently. Powerful motors of the commercial grade food waste disposal system can grind anything into fine fluid form for drainage. Many companies manufacture best Commercial Food waste disposal systems. Among them, top names, include Insinkerator and Waste king. We have compiled a list of the best model of Commercial Food Waste Disposal systems in our today’s review. The models are among the best selling products of the market. The review will explain all the necessary features of these top selling models for you to make a better choice decision.

Commercial Food Waste Disposal review

Insinkerator SS-125 Commercial Series Garbage Disposal System

The item first for introduction in the list of Commercial Food Waste Disposal Systems is the item from Insinkerator Garbage Disposals. The model number is SS-125. Insinkerator is a brand that is well known in the market for their quality products for their best functions along with best of the in-house service warranties. Their Commercial Food Waste Disposal Systems are also no exception than their average Garbage Disposal Systems for homes. Following features allowed us to place the item on the list of the Commercial Food Waste Disposal System review.


The motor housed by this food waste system generates a power of 1.25 HP. These speeds offer easier clean ups of food wastes.

Grinding Speed:-

The motor is able to rotate the impeller blades up to a maximum of 1750 rpm for fine grinding of food waste in liquefied form.

Grind Chamber:-

The grinding chamber for this Commercial Food Waste Disposal system is made of Stainless Steel material that is corrosion free.

Impeller blades:-

The Impeller shredding blades in the grinding chamber are made of Cast Nickel-Chrome alloy. This alloy provides durability and rust free property to the blade and assists in reverse grinding feature.


The motor is kept cool by the airflow controlled via fan inside the Commercial Food Waste Disposal unit.


The bearings for this disposal system are of Double-Tapered Timken Roller. These bearing create a cushion for any type of shock.


The motor is made secure from water damage by providing the triple seal on the motor. Other than that, an additional Spring Loaded seal provides the motor added resistance from water damages.


The product is constructed of stainless steel material finished with Chrome plating.


The product is offered by 7 years of in-house service warranty from Insinkerator.

Commercial Food Waste Disposal review

Waste King 2000-3 2HP Commercial Food Waste Disposal System

The item next n the list for the Commercial Food Waste Disposal System is the item of Waste King Model number 2000-3. The Waste King is noted brand in the industry due to their extended service warranties as compared to other brands. The following features of this Commercial Food waste disposal system allowed us to place it in for review.


The motor housed inside this food waste disposal system is of 2 HP that can generate a grinding speed of maximum 1725 rpm.

Grinding Chamber:-

The grinding chamber is spacious and is made from the Stainless Steel material for rust free property and durability.


The disposal system is mounted via rubber mounts that isolate grinding chamber from vibrations and sounds during operational work. This mounting is then encapsulated in the Chrome plating for appearance.


A controlled airflow from a fan keeps the motor from overloading.


The blades inside the grinding chamber are made from Stainless steel for corrosion free nature. This also assists the disposal in reverse grinding actions.


Double tapered bearings are lubricated for added shock absorption from vibrations.

Motor seals:-

The motor is tapered with following seals for protection against the water damage.

  • Primary triple lip seal
  • Secondary Oil seal


The body of the disposal system is of stainless steel with cast metal alloy for added durability and rust free property.


The product is offered by the Waste King’s extended in-house service warranty of 10 years.

Titan T-1060 1.5 HP Premium Food Waste Disposer

The item last on the list for the Commercial Food Waste Disposal units is the model of the Titan company model number T-1060. The following features allowed us to make this model a part of our Commercial Food Waste Disposal System review.


The motor housed by this garbage disposal unit generates a power of 1.5 HP.

Grinding Speed:-

The powerful motor rotates the blades for grinding chamber up to a speed of 2600 rpm. The grinding system is balanced by Torque Mater Tru-Balance design.

Bio Shield:-

The bios shield protection is one of the most amazing features of this food waste disposal system that creates a layer for Antimicrobial Agents. These agents assist in protection against foul odor created by the bacteria from molds.

Grinding Components:-

The grinding components for this disposal unit are made of Stainless Steel for rust free property.

Splash Guard:-

The splashguard provided in the package contents is removable in use.


The product is offered by the in-house warranty of 10 years for Titan Garbage Disposal.


To conclude our discussion for the Commercial Food Waste Disposal System, we provide our final thoughts to make a better decision. The models explained above in the review are all among the top selling products in the market. They all house their own unique features as explained above. The extended warranties of both Waste King and Titan models make them a better purchase item, but the multi features of Insinkerator are also something not to be taken lightly. The choice to buy one of the above models is yours to make. We hope that our Commercial Food Waste Disposal review provided you with options to choose from in the near future.