The garbage disposal is the essential item for any modern homeowner. The technology that went inside this appliance is simple but is of great use. It has lessened the workload of the women. The waste of food that needs to be thrown away just rots in your kitchen until the next morning and is the invitation to the insects or other rodents. The garbage disposal system is able to grind this waste of food into little fine pieces and store them easily in their spacious cavity without even a chance of clogging up the drains or creating any foul odor. Following are two types of garbage disposal available in the market.

  • Continues Feed Garbage disposal
  • Batch Feed Garbage disposal

Both of them are best in their own unique way. The first model is useful in case of large waste material that needs to be disposed of, but the con is that it remains to turn on in case even a fork or spoon gets inside. The other model allows the waste to be grinned in little batches and often comes with Cover Control technology that can be helpful in providing security feature. Many people are concerned about the fact are these garbage disposal eco-friendly or not. As these garbage disposal systems mainly work on the electrical system so you can rest assure for their effect on the environment. AllĀ garbage disposals in their working nature are eco-friendly. Today we have decided to write a review for the Eco-friendly garbage disposal units. For that purpose the world-renowned garbage disposal company that is considered to be eco-friendly, we have selected the models from Eco-logic. The models we have selected for the Eco-friendly Garbage disposal review are among the top models offered by the Eco Logic Company. We will carefully explain all the necessary features of the models included in the Eco-friendly garbage disposal review to help you make a better decision in buying one for your home.

Eco-friendly garbage disposal

Eco Logic EL-9-3B-BF 9 Garbage Disposal

The first item on the introduction list of the eco-friendly garbage disposal systems is the model of Eco-Logic model number EL-9-3B-BF 9. The following features allowed us to place the models on the review list of the Eco-Friendly garbage disposal list.

Easy mount:-

The garbage disposal can be installed with easy 3-bolt mount system. Similarly, the removal is also easy by the reverse process of dismounting these three bolts mount.

Bio Shield:-

The Bio Shield feature allows the garbage disposal to possess the antimicrobial protection for the odor of foul nature.

Grinding System:-

The grinding system for this disposal is balanced by the Torque master technology of Eco Logic. This grinding system chamber is corrosion proof.


The models are the Batch feed type, so no unnecessary wiring is required simply put the cover on to start the disposal system.

Quieter working:-

The magnetic stopper does come with either quieter or not quieter operations.


The limited warranty of 5 years forms Eco Logic provides the service for the garbage disposal system.

Eco Logic EL-10-3BM 10 Garbage disposal system

The item next on the list of the Eco-friendly Garbage Disposal system is the model of Eco-Logic Model number EL-10-3BM 10. The following features do it justice of being in the list of Eco-friendly garbage disposal list.


The motor housed by this garbage disposal unit is about 1-1/4 horsepower. This is the maximum horsepower seen in any model of garbage disposal system yet.

Bio Shield:-

The product comes with the Bio-Shield. This shield creates an antimicrobial agent that can resist the foul odor of the bacteria growths inside the garbage disposal.

Mount System:-

The three-bolt mount system is introduced in this model for easier installation and removal.

Grinding system:-

The grinding system is balanced by Torque Master a technology of Eco-Logic for faster and balanced grinding feature. The grinding chamber is made of corrosion free material.


The impellers of the disposal are made of anti-jam steel metal, so no jams occur.


The product is offered by in-house service warranty of 3 years from EcoLogic.

Eco-friendly garbage disposal

Eco Logic EL-4-3B 4 Food Disposal System

The last item on the review of Eco-Friendly Garbage disposal list is the model of Eco-Logic model number EL-4-3B 4. The following features allowed us to place the item on the review list of Eco-Friendly Garbage disposal systems.


The motor housed by this disposal system is one horsepower.

Grinding system:-

The garbage disposal contains the Torque Master balanced Grinding System. This grinding system allows the faster and precise grinding of the waste materials.


The impellers for the disposal system are made of anti-jam steel for protection against jams.

Cover Stop:-

The magnetic cover stop provides the safety feature of the disposal unit.

Mounting System:-

The three bolt proprietary system of the Eco Logic allows easier installation and removal of the disposal system.

Bio Shield:-

The Bio Shield technology inside the disposal system provides an antimicrobial agent that prevents the foul odor created by bacterial growths inside the disposal system.


The three years service in house warranty is offered by Ecologic for this product.


To conclude our discussion of the Eco-Friendly garbage disposal system, we present our final thoughts on the subject matter. The models explained above in the Eco-friendly garbage disposal list are among the top models of the Eco Logic Garbage Disposal Company. They all offer a variety of the same feature. They all are the batch feed type models with magnetic cover stop and start technology. The primary difference in them is of the motor power. The second model has the highest horsepower ever fund in garbage disposal units of any brand. These models can be mounted and dismounted easily by the Three Bolt Mount System. The price range of all the models is well by means of ordinary homeowner. We hope to have provided sufficient information in buying the right model for your home from our Eco-friendly garbage disposal review list.