There are many garbage disposers in the market. Most work very well. But they are very similar and operate in the same way. There isn’t anything new. None of the manufacturers go for any kinds of innovation. InSinkErator, however, have gone a step ahead, and come out with new and innovative products. The new Evolution Series in the garbage disposals are the most improved and advanced in the market. It is well designed, easy to store and easy to use. The performance and design are both unmatchable.

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Feature and SpecificationInSinkErator Evolution Compact Household Garbage Disposer

There are numerous reasons for buying the new InSinkErator Evolution Compact Garbage Disposal. It is innovative, efficient and fast. It is one of the perfect choices to make when buying a garbage disposer. Before you buy the product however, it is good to know some details about the product so you can be attuned to it once you bring it home, this way it becomes easier to use.

Noiseless: As compared to other products of the same type in the market, the InSinkErator is the quietest. This means you can easily work without getting disturbed, as well as talk to others while this unit is working. There is insulation in and around the motor, plus a new and innovative mount and tailpipe whose main purpose is to absorb the sounds and unwanted disturbance caused from vibration.

Excellent grinder: The grinder has been made using technology that allows to grind almost any food item in the grinder. Also, it has been purposefully designed to prevent jamming and clogging. The grinding is comprises of two stages, where in one step the food is grinded, and then liquefied enough to run through your sink drainage easily.

Easy to install: Despite that fact that it is made of complex technologies and mechanisms, it is actually very easy to install and run. The Quick Lock technology enables you to quickly mount and un-mount the disposers. The good thing is that there are numerous interchangeable replacement available in the market for this brand.

Grind everything: All kinds of fruit peels, cores, seed, vegetable peels and pips, salad, lettuce, bread etc. can be easily pounded to a pulp in this machine. Simply put the stuff inside and add cold water, your job is done.

Innovative Food recycle: Now do much more than just grounding your trash to a pulp. Now your waste can be recycled and made environmentally friendly. This is the food disposer that produces the waste that can be taken to proper waste treatment plants.

Pros and Cons


  • Very quiet
  • Efficient
  • Environmental friendly
  • Very strong grinder
  • Easy to keep in small spaces


  • A little difficult to maintain

What customers say about it?

Most customers were absolutely wowed by it. They were very impressed with quietness and efficiency. They gave it 5 out of 5 stars.

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This is easily the most perfect product for this job. Innovation and efficiency all packed into one, it gives you maximum convenience and hygienic. go ahead and buy it to make your life easier with it.