Garbage Disposal industry is proving day by day with newer features that were once not seen in the tradition garbage disposal. Few of the examples include the Sound Seal feature, Multi Grinding technology, and the septic assist. Along with these features, motor capacity is being improved for an increase in grinding chamber speeds for taking care of virtually any food waste in a common household with ease and safety. There are primarily two types of garbage disposal available in the market.

Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal

This garbage disposal in minimum time can take care of bulks of food waste by simply starting the disposer and putting in the food waste. The con is the accident of forks or spoons falling inside the grinding chamber. The risk has been decreased by placing a stopper of rubber gasket on the sink lip.

Batch feed Garbage Disposer

The other model as the name suggest allows the user to tackle food waste in little bulky. The cover has to be first placed on the sink lip for grinding to be started. This may prove to be a hassle but is effective in terms of security. The con is considered to be covering the whole for every batch, but this has been taken care of by improving the grinding chamber space for more bulks of waste to be taken care of each time.

Insinkerator Garbage Disposals

Among many of the companies, Insinkerator has made its mark reverberate in the industry since a long time. Their quality products provide work quality along with lower prices. These features make them one of the bests selling garbage disposal in both Continuous and Batch Feed type models.

Pro333 Garbage Disposal

Insinkerator CNTR Contractor 333 Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal

The topic for today is the Pro33 garbage disposal review. The model we chose for this review is the only available Insinkerator CNTR333 model. The model holds the following various features for a Pro333 garbage disposal that allowed us to explain it all various features for your information purposes.


The garbage disposal system is equipped to house a Dura-Drive Induction type motor from Insinkerator. This Dura-Drive Induction motor is popular for its low noise creating ability even in its peak performance. The power generated by this motor is about ¾ HP. This much power is able to clear any type of food waste easily.

Grinding Speed:-

The motor is able to rotate the metal blades inside grind chamber with a speed of 1725 rpm, which is virtually able to tackle any food waste and convert it into fluid-like form for easier drainage.

Grinding Chamber:-

The grinding chamber for this disposer system is made from Stainless Steel that allows it to have a rust fee property for durability and yearlong use. The grinding chamber allows the user to have a grinding space of 40 oz.


The grinding chamber is comprised of metal blades that are made from stainless steel material too for added durability and rust free property. This also assists the garbage disposal in the reverse grinding speeds.

Injection System:-

The product comes with one of the newer Insinkerator features called the Injection System that offers the injection of Bio-Charge solution for avoiding any bacterial growth inside the disposer that can lead to foul odor.

Multi Grind Feature:-

The product also houses the famous Insinkerator Multi Grind Technology. This technology allows the user to have two different grinding speeds for virtually taking care of any food waste thrown in its way with ease and minimum input. This is not available in the standard garbage disposer systems.

Pro333 Garbage Disposal

Sound Seal technology:-

The product is made of the stainless steel materials that are insulated for a low noise-generating feature. The feature is normally called the Sound Seal Plus. This allows the disposer to have 40 percent lesser nosier working operations as compared to any other standard garbage disposal system.


The safety for the motor in case of water damage is provided by the use of the triple seal on the motor.


The product can be installed easily by use of easy mount three-bolt feature.


The splashguard for this garbage disposal is removable in nature.


The product is design to be cylindrical in nature for an easier handling. To provide durability to dispose it is made from galvanized stainless steel.


The black color of this disposer system allows it to be blend in the kitchen with style.


The product only weighs about 18 pounds for easier handling.


The dimensions for this product are as follows.

  • 1 by 8 by 14 inches


Insinkerator offers the product for a limited warranty of 4 years. This is an In-house service warranty.


To conclude for the Pro333 Garbage Disposal review, we offer our final thoughts on the subject matter in allowing you to buy this model for your home. As we have said, earlier this CNTR333 model is the only model fitting the criteria for a Pro333 garbage disposal and hence is the best model. The product is offered with many amazing features. The Multi Grind feature provides dual grinding speeds, and sound seal provides 40 percent quieter operations. The one new feature is the Bio-Charge Solution Injection feature.

This feature allows the injection of fluid that may resist the bacterial growth from food residue that in turn prevents any foul odor creation. The sufficient amount of motor power is able to generate normal grinding speed for taking care of any food waste in its spacious grinding chamber with ease. The product is offered by a reasonable in-house service warranty time. The price range, considering all the amazing features of this garbage disposal, is well by means of any person who is looking for a quality Garbage Disposer unit. The choice to buy this model is yours to make. We hope to have had helped you from our Pro 333 Garbage Disposal review in providing you with best model in the market.