For anyone who has a sense of hygiene and health, proper waste disposal is a priority. Simple garbage cans and trash bags just don’t do the trick. The trick to proper waste disposal is the segregation of the kinds of waste. Proper disposal of food waste is very important to prevent diseases and smell. The garbage disposers in the market are meant for this. The new WASTE KING A1SPC KNIGHT is amongst the best and most trusted brands for this job in the market. Quick, powerful and efficient it is here to take the hassle out of garbage disposal.

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Features and specification:Waste King A1SPC Knight 1.0 Horsepower Garbage Disposal

There isn’t just one reason to purchase the new The Waste King Knight. From its design to mechanism everything is top notch. Before you go on to purchase it is a good idea to know some things about it. This makes you informative about the product and gives you an overview of it before you start using it. Here are some important details:

Powerful motor: With a new 1 HP motor, grinding is even quicker and smoother now. It delivers more pounding power, and easily and quickly reduces anything to a pulp.the powerful motor goes at 2700 rpm, making the grinding quick and clean work.

No mess, no jams: The biggest headache in any garbage disposer is the jamming, clogging as well as the mess that happens. You end having to do quite a bit of cleaning later. However, with this, you can simply keep adding the mixture for grinding while it is still operational, plus the stainless steel blades paired with the ultra-powerful motor prevents anything from jamming and clogging in the unit.

Energy efficient: Although it uses a powerful motor, it is very energy efficient. It require just about 115 volts of energy and 7 amperes of current. This saves energy while doing excellent work.

Easy to install: Coming with the new Snap and Lock mounting system, it is just so simple to install it and put it to use. No baffling contraptions and complicated knobs and dials. Simply plug in and start, and get the garbage rolling.

Noiseless: Made of nylon filled with glass, almost all the sound is absorbed, leaving the machine running in a smooth and silent state. Now you no longer have to worry about getting disturbed or disturbing others while running a garbage disposer.

No corrosion: due to the high quality stainless steel as well as the glass filled nylon, there is any chance of corrosion and wear and tear. So your unit is here to stay for a long time

Pros and Cons:


  • Powerful grinding
  • Very silent
  • Easy to install and start up
  • Saves energy consumption
  • Non corrosive


  • Features a bulky design that is sometime difficult to store

What the customers have to say about it?

The customer were all well satisfied with it. They found it easy to use and maintain. The customers rating are 4.6 out of 5 stars.

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Obviously, it is a must buy. It is an efficient, energy smart machine that does the work quietly and easily. You must give it a try if you want something really reliable.