The garbage disposal is a blessing for a modern woman. The piles of wasted foods that cannot be simply thrown in the trash can as they will attract rodents and insects can be taken care of in efficient manner with the help of a quality garbage disposal unit. There are many companies in the market that re manufacturing quality garbage disposals for their customers. Among these noted brand names, one is Waste King. The waste King Garbage disposal name is well known in market because of their quality products made from highest quality materials.

The reason for their popularity in the Garbage Disposal market is their extended in-house service warranties unlike any other brand. Waste King offer many series for garage disposal Like Legend Series. The topic for concern today is the Waste King Legend 8000 series. There are only two products available for this series hence we have compiled their detailed review in the Waste King Legend 8000 review. The models in the Waste King Legend 8000 review will explain all the necessary features to readers for making a better choice decision.

Waste King Legend Series L-8000 1 Horsepower Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal System

The item first on the list for the Waste King Legend 8000 review is the item of the Waste King Legend Series model number L-8000. The product offers many of the unique features. The 1 HP makes it a desirable model for any home. Other than that following are some of the top features that allowed us to make this garbage disposal a part of the Waste King Legend 8000 review.

Motor power:-

The motor house inside this garbage disposal system is capable to create a power of 1 HP in its peak performance state.

Grinding Speed:-

The motor in peak performance allows the blades in the grind chamber to rotate at a top speed of 2800 rpm that can virtually tackle any kind of food waste and mince into fluid form for easier drainage.

Grind Chamber:-

The grinding chamber is spacious and made of stainless steel material for rust free property. The grind chamber is of 30 oz.


The model is offered by Waste King’s Easy Installation hardware pieces. These pieces include an Elbow Drain and Rubber Gasket. The installation is made hassle free by the pieces that are included in the product contents.


The blades for impeller system in grind chamber are of non-corrosive steel with chrome plating finish for durability.

Sound Seal feature:-

The grinding components are all made form stainless steel material that is insulated with a sound reducing material. This allows user to work in a much quieter environment.

Product contents:-

The product when ordered comes with the following items.

  • Garbage Disposer unit
  • Power cord of 36 inches
  • Removable splash guard


Waste King offers the maximum warranty unlike any other garbage disposal company for this model. The product is protected by Lifetime Rust free warranty from Waste King.

Waste King L-8000 TC Legend Series 1 HP Batch Feed Garbage Disposer

The model next and last on the Waste King Legend 8000 review list is the model of Legend Series L-8000 TC. The model is not a continuous feed type instead is a Batch Feed type model that allows the user to work in a much safer manner. Among the Waste Kling’s Batch Feed type Models this models has gained much acclamation from public. Following features do it justice of being on the Waste King Legend 8000 review list.


The motor of this garbage disposal is capable of creating a power of 1HP in peak performance state.

Grinding Speed:-

The motor can rotate the grinding chamber blades up to a maximum speed of 2800 rpm. This much grinding speed is able to convert any solid food waste in fluid form for easier drainage.

Cover Control:-

The model is a Batch feed type garbage disposal that allows the user a sense of safety. The food has to be dealt with in small batches and the magnetic stopper cover has to be paced on the sinkhole for grinding action of the disposal system. This might seem like a hassle but intact it proves to be an additional safety feature incase if the fork or spoon fell inside the grind chamber.

Grinding Components:-

The blades and the grinding chamber are both made for stainless steel materials that add to the durability and rust free property of the garbage disposal unit.


The installation for this model is simple with the Three Bolts EZ system.

Splash Guard:-

The splashguard for disposal system is removable in nature.

Power cord:-

Unlike many disposals, the power cord of 36 inches is included in the disposer package.


The product also is covered by Waste King’s maximum warranty feature. The product houses an In-house service warranty of 10 years form Waste king. Other than that of ordered online from Amazon, the product is eligible for 30 days money back Customer Satisfaction guarantee too.


To conclude for the discussion on the Waste King Legend 8000 review we offer our wisdom on subject matter to make a better decision. The models explained above in the Waste King Legend 8000 review list are between the only two known models of the Waste King brand. These models differ only in terms of working feature. The first L-8000 model is a continuous feed type model while the other L-8000TC is a continuous Batch Feed type model.

The motor power and the grinding speed for both models are same as is the manufacturing components. The continuous feed type model is a little cheaper as compare to the batch feed type model but the choice to buy one is yours to make based on the model you need for your home. We hope to have provided sufficient information in our Waste King Legend 800 review for choosing the right model for your kitchen needs.